Dr Susanna Snyder


I am Lecturer in Ethics and Theology, and Director of the Part-Time Pathway at Ripon College Cuddesdon. I hold degrees from the University of Cambridge (MA) and the University of Birmingham (BATS, PhD), and have previously taught at Emory University, Episcopal Divinity School and the University of Texas at Austin. Before arriving at Cuddesdon in 2018, I was Assistant Director of Catherine of Siena College at the University of Roehampton. I am currently an Associate of the Centre for Theology and Modern European Thoughtat the University of Oxford.

My research focuses on Christian social and political engagement, and particularly on theological, ethical and practical responses to migration. In addition to articles in journals and books, my publications include a monograph—Asylum-Seeking, Migration and Church(Ashgate, 2012)—and two co-edited volumes—Church in an Age of Global Migration: A Moving Body(Palgrave, 2015) and Intersections of Religion and Migration: Issues at the Global Crossroads(Palgrave, 2016). I am currently exploring contours and practices of hope in the face of global ethical challenges.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a member of the American Academy of Religion, Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, and British and Irish Association for Practical Theology.

Research Area/s

Christian and Religious Ethics

Research Interests

Asylum, refugees and immigration; Christian social ethics; political theology; ethnography and ethics; arts, mysticism and social justice; practical theology




Select Publications

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Journal Articles and Essays

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