Conference: Reception of German Religious Thought in 19th-Century America


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Receptions of German Religious Thought in Nineteenth-Century America 

In association with the Rothermere American Institute



Johannes Zachhuber (Oxford)

The Transformation of German Theology in the Nineteenth Century

Joel D. S. Rasmussen (Oxford)

Schelling and the New England Mind

Christina Urbanek (Hamburg)

The Transatlantic Knowledge Network: the Case of George Bancroft

Paul E. Kerry (Oxford/BYU)

George Bancroft’s View of German Professors and Biblical Scholarship

Michael Lee (Eastern University)

Griesbach and Biblical Textual Criticism Come to the United States

Annette Aubert (Westminster Theological Seminary)

A Transatlantic Community of Scholars: Nineteenth-Century American and German Religious Dialogues

Zachary Purvis (Edinburgh)

Admiration, Anxiety, and the Gilded Age: German Theology in America

Owen Anderson (Arizona State University)

Hodge Meets Schleiermacher: The Effect of German Theology on the Princeton Seminary

Ruth Jackson (Cambridge)

On Schleiermacher, Language, and Literary Form