CTMET was founded in 2007 and is based in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at Oxford University. It exists to promote the interdisciplinary study of the relationships between theology and other areas of intellectual life, and to provide a resource for teaching in this area, both in theology and in other disciplines. ‘Modern European thought’ is understood in historical terms as the period from the late eighteenth century down to the present, although this does not preclude work relating to the early modern background of the period.

The activities of CTMET tend to give particular emphasis to the relationship between Christian theology and the lines of thought flowing from Kant and the German Idealists through Marx, existentialism, phenomenology and hermeneutics, down to post-structuralism and other contemporary movements. CTMET seeks to foster work in all disciplines and areas relevant to these developments, such as systematic and historical theology, philosophy of religion, social and political studies, art, history, and literature.